Intrepid Law™ provides outside general counsel to small and growing businesses and entrepreneurs helping with all startup and business-related planning and protection, including business, employment, and intellectual property law.  Many times, businesses do not need or cannot afford the resources that a full-time in-house attorney would provide.  By creating customized general counsel plans companies can control their overhead and only pay for the services they need.  Our general counsel services are built to grow with your business as it expands.

General counsel often includes the following:

Organization and startup matters for a business are key decisions that are made before you see revenue or open a bank account.  We assist with your decision as to what type of entity (LLC, partnership, corporation) is best for your business.  This may mean converting an existing business from one form to another in order to maximize benefits.  Entity funding, such as a transmutation agreement, are important to ensure proper capitalization and a successful business for years.

Some have already formed, started, and are continuing to build profitable businesses.  Perhaps you simply have not needed an attorney or just thought you could not afford the help until now.  Intrepid Law assist new and existing businesses with independent contractor, employment, non-disclosure, non-competition, and stay/bonus agreements as well as employee performance reviews and employee manuals among many others.

Keeping a business running can be tedious but we are here to help reduce your stress and take some of the work off your hands.  Business maintenance can be as simple as acting as your registered agent, included in general counsel.  However, we believe maintenance is an ongoing service and we provide help and checklists throughout the year.  Some of the issues we assist your company with include: ensuring proper insurance coverage, assisting with taxes and making sure your CPA has you covered, employee benefits, annual legal audits to identify your biggest risks, and quarterly strategy meetings to make sure you are getting the most out of your relationship with Intrepid Law.

These documents are meant to go beyond the good times by protecting you and your company when things go bad.  All general counsel plans provide for custom contract drafting as well as contract review before you sign any contract and contract management to notify you when important deadlines and or renewals are coming.

Sometimes a contract is not needed and you simply need to identify your legal liability for a specific instance.  Our network of experts is vast and include professionals in estate planning, tax, personal injury, real estate, family law, and many others.  We understand that life happens and we are here to help.  General counsel often includes a memo, versus a contract, to inform you in detail about your options to handle a situation, perhaps related to a lease or employee.

While we are a firm specializing in business and estate planning, we understand that you may need help outside our expertise.  No matter your need, when we represent your business we take the relationship personal and make sure you are covered, even when it is not us.