Mergers & Acquisitions Legal Services

Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions that demand a great deal of planning and legal due diligence. Working alongside our industry partners, we work together to structure, negotiate and close the best deals in your favor.

Intrepid Law® is equipped with years of experience representing:

    • Buyers
    • Sellers
    • Public and private operating companies
    • Private equity firms
    • Other financial sponsors throughout the United States and internationally.

Our mergers and acquisitions team is committed to helping you achieve your goals by delivering creative solutions through industry-focused legal advice. Some of the crucial legal considerations and services that we offer include:

Due Diligence

This process includes both the analyzing of documentation to assess whether or not it supports the closing of a deal and the identification of any risks or red flags.

Corporate Governance

This process ensures timely and complete disclosure by the seller to close a deal and minimize the risk of unexpected problems. 

Intrepid Law makes sure a seller provides critical data on their bylaws like:

    • Incorporating documents
    • Minutes from board meetings
    • Shareholder details
    • Policy manuals 
    • Changes in control and corporate reorganization
    • Press releases
    • Bank accounts

We will review all this information and advice on the way forward.


Major corporate transactions such as M&A will likely carry with it substantial tax implications for all the parties involved. Our mergers and acquisition team structures transactions so that you take advantage of ideal tax-preferred structures that prevent costly tax loads.

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Business Attorneys Working For You

Intrepid Law’s® mergers and acquisitions attorneys will ensure your transaction is compliant with the relevant state and federal laws that govern business transactions and assist you in your decision of the ideal structure for your M&A deal.

Our team is prepared to both draft and negotiate the transaction terms and obtain any third-party consent. Even after you close, we will be by your side to perform any post-closing tasks.


Intrepid Law® experts are dedicated to seeing you through a successful merger or acquisition. Click HERE to get in touch with us today to learn more.

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