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Estate Planning Services

At Intrepid Law, we recognize how important estate planning is to manage your assets. As a boutique business & estate law firm, our expert team is prepared to provide you the personalized attention you deserve to create a properly prepared plan that will give peace of mind and the ability to protect your family in the future.

It’s important to note – if you don’t make a plan for your assets, your state will make one for you. This plan, however, won’t protect your interests and wealth in the same way that you would. Intrepid Law’s expert team is prepared to help you form a tailored plan that includes factors like:

    1. A comprehensive trust or will.
    2. Great life insurance that will provide for your family after your death.
    3. Directions for passing down values.
    4. Detailed instructions for high-quality care in case you ever become disabled.
    5. A means to provide for your family if you ever become mentally or physically incapacitated.
    6. The transfer of your wealth and business at the lowest cost possible.
    7. Naming a property guardian of minor children

Even after you have created an estate plan, you should review and update the documents frequently as family and financial situations often change.


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