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Commercial Transaction Matters

At Intrepid Law®, our commercial transactions team has years of experience serving clients with highly sophisticated legal representation in a pragmatic and cost-efficient manner. We are experts in all types of business configurations, including joint ventures, not-for-profit organizations, corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

Our Commercial Transaction Services Include:

Buying & Selling Businesses

Purchase and sale agreements are the agreements that you enter with a buyer or seller. When buying or selling a business, the stakes are always high, and there is a need to proceed with a lot of care. Our team will provide legal counsel to remove any doubts during the buying and selling process and ensure your business is not exposed to any risks.

Shareholder Buyouts

In case there is a change of stock ownership of a company, the management can be affected in one way or another. Our team will guide you in preparing buyout agreements to get ready for contingencies and ensure no unwanted entity is let into your corporation.

Business Contractual Law

If you need a business contracts attorney to handle your contract developments or breach of contract issues, contact Intrepid Law. Our team will review your contracts and determine the methods to protect and enforce them. We have vast expertise in developing and enforcing contracts to guarantee no issues will arise due to the failure of one side in upholding and honoring their contract terms.

Financing Agreements

A financing agreement is a document that outlines how your business plan or project is to be financed. It may be a contract between a financier and borrower covering all your business financing needs. Financing agreements can be quite complex, and you need the guidance of a qualified business lawyer to guide you through the process. Our team will help with the drafting, negotiation, and reviewing stages. We will also be at hand to represent you if you need to file any financial lawsuit.

Joint Venture Agreements

When starting a business, you may consider entering into a joint venture. Before you do so, it is advisable to seek the comprehensive counsel of a joint venture attorney. Our attorneys are committed to promoting your best interests in any contractual agreements involving joint ventures.

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